Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Quick One

Hi everyone. How are you all? I hope you are all preparing for a wonderful Christmas. I’m trying to make it Bethlehem, the source of the real event of Christmas and the location of Anne! Well, I’m living alone for the month (the wife’s in Japan), which I’ve enjoyed thus far, although I’m certainly not used to being alone, ever. But I keep busy enough that loneliness isn’t a problem. And I finished all of my grad school applications, which is an enormous load off! Anyways, this post will be short, just to let you know I’m doing well, attach a few pictures, and give you an explanation for the following post, which is much longer.

Explanations of the pictures:

This first picture was taken at a shop here in Irbid. Reference the picture of the Haram al-Sharif, the third holiest Islamic mosque, on Anne’s blog,( The real thing’s a little more beautiful, huh? Here is Jordan, you constantly see references to Palestine, especially Jerusalem. Undoubtedly the owner of this shop is of Palestinian descent and would be indescribably envious of Anne’s little touristic jaunt.

This second picture is a shoutout to my Catholic friends. It was taken in front of a church in Madaba.

Finally, this is large billboard in Irbid advertising Thursday's Iraqi elections. There are quite a few signs like this, which are encouraging Iraqis living in Jordan to vote.

Now, two precursors to the post: 1. Please remember that many of my posts, especially the political ones, are a. my opinions, or b. things I’m still learning about, or c. both. By no means am I an expert, so keep that in mind. Case in point, I said that Abu Zarqawi (bin Laden’s number two man, responsible for the Amman bombings, currently leading the Iraqi insurgency) is a Jordanian of Palestinian descent, thus contributing to Jordanian-Jordanians perceptions that the only problems in this country are from outside. Well, in fact, Abu Zarqawi is Jordanian through and through. His family has now disowned him.

2. IF YOU’RE NOT INTERESTED IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (and I mean the dense stuff), STOP READING NOW!!!! Okay, I’ve probably eliminated everyone but Justin, Scotter, and Dr. Holt!


Blogger Scotter said...

Nice article. The acceptance of the monarchy seems amazing to me given how it was created and what happened in Iraq. Jordan is a much easier country to govern than Iraq, but still the monarchy's acceptance is remarkable. Anyway, you should embrace your status as an expert. You now know more about Jordan alone than at least 99.5% of the American public. Kinda of scary, isn't.


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