Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas from Jordan!

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas before I leave for a few days. I hope that you each have a special Christmas, and that you can all enjoy your families, churches, and presents!

Tomorrow, I am travelling to the West Bank to eventually spend Christmas in Bethlehem, which is about the best alternative to being home with my family. Sometimes I laugh out loud at how far Christmas seems. When I walk outside, it's 70 degrees, there are virtually no signs of Christmas anywhere, and life is entirely normal. Despite the numerous people who still have no idea Christmas is in less than 5 days, I have had a few awkward, yet charming attempts to make me feel 'at home.' A few friends have told me, "Happy Christmas." Another asked me if Friday was 'Good Friday.' My favorite however, was the jumbled greeting, "You merry Christmas." Well, no sir, as much as I enjoy this holiday, I don't intend to betroth it! But thanks for the effort! In actuality, as some of us foreigners were discussing, it's much easier to be away from family in a place where Christmas barely exists (it is an official holiday, however; and, of course, in Christian communities it's a big deal, although Easter is much more celebrated), as opposed to say, sitting alone in an apartment in Dallas. Plus, I get to spend the holiday with Anne in Palestine, which will be wonderful. And I'll say what's up to the Church of the Nativity for you!

Anyways, enough about me. You are truly in my heart this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to each of you!



Blogger katherine said...

hey bobo! merry christmas to you too! i hope your journey to bethlehem goes off without a hitch. i'm in gr now, and wishing you were here. i promise i'll write more email soon!

10:01 PM

Blogger Emily said...

Eid Milad Saeed. Merry Christmas Laban. Have a great time traveling. Who is Ann?

10:08 AM


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