Monday, November 28, 2005

Malaysia, Malaysia, Malaysia

These pictures are from one of the wilder nights I’ve had here, the night we hosted our class for the Iftaar (in case you forgot, that’s the fast-breaking meal). Gosh, it was ludicrous, as we piled about 20 Malaysian girls, 5 Malysian guys, 3 Bruneiins, and our Jordanian professor into our little abode for a good ole’ American pot luck. Up until this point, we could only enjoy the Malaysians from afar, as they were extremely shy around us, especially the girls. Well, this night broke all barriers! By the end of the evening, we had girl after girl wanting their picture with us. Although we were concerned the next day would be like the awkward morning after: ‘Wait, what did we do last night?’ (Not that I know what that’s like) But alas, our class is like one big family! I really like these little people, and they bring me great joy. Will and I (Anne as well) even went to an all-Malaysian party. There’s one guy, best described as the Malaysian version of Steve Urkel, who I especially enjoy. My favorite activity with Fadel Noor, or 'The Fadel' as we call him, is to tickle him. He lets out these crazy Malaysian peeps, which are priceless. Today was his birthday, and Will and I made him this absolutely absurd birthday card...I wish you all could have seen his reaction.


Blogger katherine said...

oh robin... i miss you. leave those little people alone. no one likes a tickler!
also, you look like a giant next to them. how tall are they?!?

2:02 PM

Blogger Jazzy J said...

Wow, that's quite a collection of showdies!

9:45 AM


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