Monday, November 28, 2005

A few random pictures

This is the Amman Radisson, where the suicide bomber blew himself up in the middle of the wedding. He was married and working with his wife, although she failed to detonate. Last week, about 3 days after the bombings, I visited the hotel, which was strangely still in operation. They had already built up the front of the hotel, where the glass was blown out. In a really eerie manner, however, you could see a black sheet covering one of the back rooms, where the wedding was taking place. Being there was quite sobering.

An ironic picture- in front of the McDonalds, that sign says, “Jordan first.” Apparently that doesn’t include shopping at Jordanian businesses.

After returning from class this week, a bunch of sheep were grazing in front of our apartment. Huh?


Blogger katherine said...

last night i went to light up night at this church in pittsburgh, and they had live sheep and a donkey and a goat and two camels and i thought of you. i got my picture taken with frannie, the camel with a big hump. i'm going to post it on my blog when my friend sends it to me. so, that's it. miss you.

9:30 AM


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